Development of J48 Algorithm-Based Application in Predicting Teacher’s Techno-Pedagogical Competence

  • Las Johansen B. Caluza College of Arts and Sciences, Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City, 6500 Philippines
Keywords: data mining, software development, predictive analytics, decision tree model, pedagogical competence


Education 4.0 in the Philippines encourages the use of advanced technologies in facilitating the educational ecosystem where teachers are required to be competent in information and communications technology (ICT). On the contrary, the established instrument in assessing the pedagogical ICT competence in the Philippines is still a manual process showing a gap between the actual and the ideal in terms of education 4.0 requirement. In this paper, it is empirical to develop a model and implement this model in actual system development where the software learns through time based on the data collected from the system users in predicting the pedagogical ICT competence of the teachers. This study was conducted in a Philippine state university, where the total enumeration of the respondents was taken. The use of Knowledge Discovery in Databases was utilized to develop a model using J48 algorithm, evaluated through 10- cross-fold validation, and used to develop an application that predicts the pedagogical ICT competence of the teacher using R programming. The result showed a significant improvement and efficiency in predicting the pedagogical ICT competence of the teachers.