Growth Performance of Weanling Pigs as Affected by Different Levels of Active Dry Yeast Supplementation

  • Alma L. Cosadio Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT )
Keywords: Active dry Yeast, weanling pigs, growth performance


Due to apprehensions concerning bacterial resistance to antibiotics in both humans and animals, non-antibiotic alternatives with the similar or better efficacy must be evaluated. Yeasts are promising alternatives to antibiotics, as they can improve growth performance and stimulate the immune system of animals. The objectives of this study were to determine i) the effects of active dry yeast on the growth performance of growing pigs and ii) the optimum level of yeast supplementation on growing pigs that gives the best feed intake : body weight gain ratio. Twelve(12) growing pigs were randomly distributed to 4 groups the Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with the following dietary treatments: T1- 0% active dry yeast, T2- 0.2% active dry yeast, T3- 0.3% active dry yeast, and T4- 0.4% active dry yeast. No significant differences were found in the final weight, body weight gain, average daily gain, and feed conversion ratio of the pigs. However, active dry yeast supplementation resulted in improved feed conversion efficiency of the pigs by 10 to 13%. A higher return above feed cost was achieved at 0.3% supplementation of active dry yeast in the ration. Further study is recommended to evaluate the potential of active dry yeast supplementation in the ration of other monogastric animals.