Difference on the Incidence of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) between Diabetic and Non-diabetic Women Admitted in Metro Cebu, Philippines

  • Joan L. Peteros Cebu Normal University
  • Lorre May K. Fernandez Cebu Normal University
  • Charlon L. Oncenes Cebu Normal University
  • Edward L Opena Cebu Normal University
Keywords: diabetes, urinary tract infection, women, Cebu


This paper evaluates the relationship of women who were admitted with urinary tract infection (UTI) and its relationship with diabetes in Metro Cebu. Accessing the medical log books of the different hospitals, it has been found out that 61% of those admitted of the infection have beyond the normal sugar level, possibly due to diabetes. Statistics also showed that there is a significant difference between those with and without diabetes among all hospitals. It has also been noted that cases of UTI are becoming more frequent in older women. This shows that in the said locality, there is a strong chance that UTI could be secondary disease due to high blood sugar level. However, other pertinent cause should not be ruled out. Hence, other diagnostic test results should be considered as inclusion to the probable cause of UTI.