Design, Development and Testing of Microcontroller Systems Simulator using PIC Microcontroller

  • Romel B. Cristobal Polytechnic School, Isabela State University – Angadanan Campus, Angadanan, Isabela 3307, Philippines
Keywords: design, fabrication, microcontroller, simulator, testing


The inadequacy or absence of training equipment negatively impacts student performance, achievement and employability. Attempting to address this problem, the study was conducted to design, develop, fabricate and test a microcontroller systems simulator (MSS). The MSS was composed of the mainboard and development board comprising the PIC microcontroller, microcontroller circuits and input and output devices. The MSS was designed using AutoCAD, schematic design and circuit simulation software, and printed circuit board auto-routing software. A computerized cutting machine, laser laminator and ink printer were also used in the fabrication of the MSS boards. Test results showed that 12 and 24 VDC voltage readings were normal, sensors were working with the indicated specifications, and the MSS could perform automatic switching simulations. It was concluded that the MSS can effectively demonstrate microcontroller experiments and switching applications and it conformed to the required voltage and current ratings, electronics and electrical safety standards. It was also found that it is technically feasible to develop a microcontroller simulator utilizing commercially and locally available materials and spare parts.