Travel Perception towards Uncertainties among Industrial Technology and Engineering Students

Inputs to Class Scheduling

  • Rhoda P. Agdeppa - Namoco Mindanao University of Science and Technology
  • Angelie M. Dagoc Mindanao University of Science and Technology
  • Consorcio S. Namoco Mindanao University of Science and Technology
Keywords: Perception, Travel uncertainty, Travel preferences, Industrial Technology Students, Engineering Students


Travel behaviors and travel patterns of different individuals vary. This study considers the travel perception of various industrial technology and engineering students of the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST), Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, in response to various travel uncertainties. Based on the students’ preferences, the effects of travel uncertainties to their travel behavior and travel time allocation under various circumstances, such as major exams, class quizzes and regular classes, for various courses are considered. Preferences of students on various factors such as type of jeepney, jeepney’s route, and behavior of jeepney driver, number of rides to take to get to school, among others, are investigated. Results show that the number of preferences considered by these industrial technology students and engineering students for their travel allocation varies according to their trip purpose and to the courses they are to attend. Moreover, a travel function model is then developed based on the preferences considered by these students when making travel decisions. Such results are valuable inputs for scheduling the various classes taken by technology and engineering students in order to optimize their learning process especially in Mathematics courses.