An Expert System for Automobile Repairs and Maintenance

  • Adefemi A. Adekunle Department of Mechatronics Engineering Federal University Oye-Ekiti Ekiti State, Nigeria
  • Peter P. Ikubanni College of Science and Engineering Landmark University Omu-Aran, Nigeria
  • Olayinka O. Agboola College of Science and Engineering Landmark University Omu-Aran, Nigeria
Keywords: automobile, diagnosis, expert system, fault detection, maintenance


Most of the car owners have inadequate knowledge on detecting faults from symptoms manifested and developed from their vehicles. These faults require the presence of an auto mechanic. To aid this knowledge inadequacy and temporarily substitute the auto mechanic especially in times of their unavailability, this paper developed an expert system – a computer system that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert. This system aids the car owners in repairing and maintaining their cars. It was designed to solve complex problems by reasoning about knowledge base which is represented primarily by if-then rules. The expert system was made using Microsoft Visual C# programming language as it is an object-oriented type and has supports for generics and functional programming paradigms. For easy interaction with the user, graphic user interface (GUI) of the system was created using window presentation framework (WPF) from Microsoft in order to achieve fluid and vector based on the interaction of the system with the user. During the process, this system worked accurately according to the various classes of fault presented to the programmer. Furthermore, this could save time and energy of car owners and human expert in diagnosing, repairing and maintaining their vehicles.